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MRI Products - Molecular Synthetics

Molecular Synthetics Inc: Distributor and Specialist in MRI Compatible Interventional Devices

FDA Approved and now available for purchase in the United States

MSI offers Needles for aspiration, injection and biopsy that are fully MRI compatible:

– No attraction to the magnetic field.

– No artifact in the image.

– A dark visible trace on T1 and FLASH/FFE imaging – the same size as the actual needle.

– Needles are made of inconel with nitinol stylet, sterile packed and ready for clinical use.

– They are designed and manufactured in Germany by our partner – Innovative Tomography Products GmbH.

– MSI has arranged with the FDA to serve as the importer/distributor and US Agent for ITP.

– The needles from MSI/ITP are now approved in the United States (as of May 1, 2018) as an FDA Listed Class I Medical Device.

MSI has tested the needles in the clinical setting in direct comparison with Lufkin needles (Bracco) and MReye needles (Cook). Lufkin and MReye needles are no longer available at this time.

– The needle itself is in a typical “Chiba” type configuration.

– The ITP needles work equivalently in the clinical setting (through MSI’s clinical partners – the Image Based Surgicenter and the Institute for Nerve Medicine).

The principle differences between the ITP needles as opposed to Lufkin/MReye are:

1) The stylet is flexible.

2) The hub is provided with a clasp for securing the stylet if necessary.

Click here to learn more about why you should use MRI compatible needles.

These needles are provided in various gauges and lengths as listed on our product sheet available below;

Product Information Sheet

Many of these are currently available for overnight shipping if in stock and all are available in 4 days where re-supply is necessary.


(310) 878-9858

Current pricing for these products is available at the following link;

Product Price List – 2018

Shipping is free for standard delivery and (if in stock) overnight FedEx delivery is available for orders received by 4:30 pm Pacific Time. (7:30pm Eastern) at shipping cost or with your own FedEx account number if preferred.

Please contact us sales@molecularsynthetics.com for further information.

Please contact us at sales@molecularsynthetics.com if you have a particular need or preference for a new or different version that does not appear on the product page.